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Dear sir I am doing my plus two maths, biology group I would like to know about medical electronics course?- 6-Mar-2008

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Medical Electronics is an interdisciplinary field of study, which is based on skills and knowledge from various scientific, engineering and clinical disciplines for Healthcare applications. The Healthcare industry is a major and developing contributor to the world economy and there is a subsequent need for high quality engineering graduates. The aim of engineers specialising in medical electronics is to apply their knowledge and skills towards the development of medical diagnostic and monitoring systems that will help health-care professionals to deliver the best medical care to their patients.

The overall aim of the programme is to produce suitably qualified Medical Electronics Engineers with a solid understanding of bioelectronics (including instrumentation, biomaterials, medical device design). Such engineers will be well poised for careers across a wide sector of high tech industries in particular in the rapidly expanding medical electronics sector.
So in short Medical Electronics deals with the application of electronics in the field of medical science. The research and development work of medical electronics engineers lead to the manufacture of modern, sophisticated diagnostic medical equipment. Graduates in Medical Electronics could get jobs in companies manufacturing and marketing medical equipment


Graduates in medical electronics find careers in clinical engineering departments within the NHS as well as within industrial companies' that specialise in the design and development of medical instrumentation. These graduates are also qualified for careers in other electronic industries and IT industries as well as in many other health care related areas


B.Tech medical electronics is offered in Erode Sengunthar engineering college for women Thiuchengode in Tamil Nadu

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