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The study of Pharmacy! - 6-Oct-2023

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In an environment where new diseases are invading the people of the world, the 'Department of Pharmacy ' is steadfastly becoming all the more important as it involves in carrying out highly essential tasks of discovering, designing, testing, and ensuring their safety and quality of new drugs.

Industrial Development:

The pharmaceutical industry in India grew at an average of 3 percent per annum. Due to the arrival of new pharmaceutical products during the 'Covid' pandemic, the sector grew by around 15 per cent and reached its ultimate. According to the Economic Survey of India 2021, the domestic market is expected to grow three times in the next decade. It is also estimated that the global pharmaceutical market value will grow to 1473.11 billion dollars by 2030.

Courses Offered:

Diploma in Pharmacy - D.Pharm.,

Bachelor of Pharmacy - B.Pharm.

Master of Pharmacy - M. Pharm.,

Master of Science - M.S.Pharm.,

Master of Technology - M.Tech.Pharm.,

Master of Business Administration- MBA (Pharmaceutical Management)

Doctor of Pharmacy - Pharm.D.,


Anatomy, Physiology and Health Education, Pharmacological Analysis, Mathematical Biology, Pharmacology, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Basic Electronics and Computer Applications, Diagnosis of Common Diseases, Drug Management are the main subjects comprising in the study of pharmacology.

Major Educational Institutions:

Chennai Medical College

Coimbatore Medical College

Madurai Medical College

Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR, Medical University - Chennai

Annamalai University - Chidambaram

NIPER, Educational Institutions

PMCRI, - Bangalore

University of Delhi

AIIMS Institutions


Community Pharmacist, Hospital Pharmacist, Pharmaceutical Researcher, Quality Control Associate, Clinical Research Associate, Formulation Development Associate, Sales and Marketing Representative, Science Journalist, Lecturer are the job opportunities available after the study of pharmacology.

Job opportunities are also available in health centers, educational institutes, pathology laboratories, hospitals, drug control center, central and state government health departments, public sector organizations and regulatory agencies in the pharmaceutical sector. 

After completing B. Pharm, one can start a pharmaceutical business after obtaining the necessary permits and licenses and complying with the regulatory laws.

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