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Enhanced awareness for NEET & JEE ! - 15-Feb-2024

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NEET, essential for admission into medical courses, and JEE, necessary for entry into prestigious technical institutes such as IIT, IIIT, and NIT, are gaining increased recognition among parents and students in Tamil Nadu. Anticipated NEET examinees from Tamil Nadu and Puducherry alone exceed one lakh this year. Particularly, students residing in major cities like Chennai and Coimbatore commence preparations for these exams during their 11th-grade studies, though awareness remains somewhat lower in smaller towns.

Consequently, many individuals opt to prepare for NEET and JEE post-12th standard, avoiding the need for prolonged exam-focused preparation if adequately trained beforehand. 

Commencing preparations as early as the 11th grade can facilitate a smoother approach to these exams.

'Mentorship' approach:

With a notable 35-year history in entrance exam coaching, it's noteworthy that some current students' parents were also beneficiaries of our coaching in the past. Employing a 'mentorship' approach, we monitor each student's progress closely and provide tailored guidance. Post-lesson sessions allow teachers to address individual students' mental health and overall well-being, advocating for brief yoga and meditation sessions between classes, recognizing their significant impact.

Training methodology:

Adapting to students' needs, we conduct exams either monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly, utilizing them to pinpoint and rectify mistakes. 

We extend coaching tailored to the state syllabus and offer continuous teacher training encompassing classroom conduct, syllabus coverage, and student interaction.

Our aspiration is to evolve into a comprehensive coaching institute covering a wide array of entrance and competitive exams. 

We believe that with diligent subject focus and practice, success in these exams is within every student's reach.

--Saurabh Tiwari, Allen Career Institute, Coimbatore.

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