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Please tell me about Call center. - 20-Feb-2009

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Call center is a place where job opportunities are available for those who have completed degrees.  After the liberalization of the Indian Economy, many foreign companies have outsourced and opened-up many activities in India.

Call centers, the symbol of todays culture, are utilizing the maximum use of Technology.  The Call centers were established in India in the year 1998.  Here, we see advanced utility like excellent communication and internet facilities.

Initially Call centers were operating for segment like Banking, Catalog sales, Utilities, Production, Security, Customer Service, Catering Service, Hotel and Airline reservation.  However, today there are no segments or fields which do not use the service of Call centers.

In the beginning, there were only voice-based Call centers. Now,  the customer service is provided through numerous spheres.  In this the domestic and international Call centers actively render more services. This is the most suitable field for India as it has high potentials in  English and Computer skills.  It also offers fairly good remuneration. Obviously, this field has become a dream of many youngsters.

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