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Tell me about Bioinformatics studies.- 21-Mar-2009

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Using Information Technology for Advanced Researches in Molecular Biology is known as Bioinformatics.

A lot of information related to Biology is collected, then analyzed and incorporated.  Several researches are conducted in new dimensions and efforts are taken to develop the life style of Mankind.

It is felt now that Bioinformatics can be applied to fields like Health, Agriculture, Environment, Biotechnology and Power. Hence, the course is well- received.

Those who have stepped in Bioinformatics can easily go to  Biotechnology.  Moreover, there are also opportunities in fields like Biomedical, Pharmaceutical Science, industries, hospitals and laboratories. 

Graduates or Postgraduates in Genetics, Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Micro Biology, Veterinary Science, Pharmacy, Physics, Mathematics and IT can pursue higher studies in this field.

B.Tech, Postgraduation and PG. Diploma courses are offered by this. M.Tech course is also provided. There are many job opportunities awaiting in Database Design and Maintenance, Sequence Assembly, Protomix, Clinical Pharmacologist, Sequence Analysis, Informatics Developer and Bio-Analyst. 

Those who have completed Bio-Informatics are well placed with good salary in companies like Wipro, Reliance, Satyam, TCS, Accenture, IBM, Life Science, Silicon Genetics and Texila.

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