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How can I determine that I have some basic interest in Engineering?- 8-May-2009

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This is an apt question today to many.  By asking the following questions, you can find out whether you have an interest in Engineering studies.

  • Are Maths and Science boring subjects?
  • Are you a person uninterested in what is happening around you?
  • Are you not interested in doing things in a novel way?
  • A gift you received gives the direction, ''assemble and activate''. Will you do it or not?
  • Are''nt you very much interested in computer and video games?
  • Dont you have any interest to solve the puzzles published in the Newspaper?
  • Do the people around you set aside your opinion and decision often?
  • Do you have difficulty to say anything precisely and clearly?
  • Don''t you have a concern to act independently?
  • Are''nt you anxious to think attentively and analytically?

For the answer ''yes'' you can award one mark.
If you get more marks,  it shows that you have no engineering aptitude and basic interest.

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