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Desirous to become an IAS? - (Part - IX)-

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In the last section we saw the books to be bought and studied for General Knowledge. Now, we shall see what books to be chosen to study after selecting the Optional subjects.

Optional Subjects

Indian History

1. Krishna Reddy Guide
2. R. Agnihothri Guide
3. Ancient India - The Wonder that was India by A. L Basham
4. Ancient, Medieval and Modern India written by 3 authors.
5. Modern India by Grover & Grover. Can also study books written by Sumith Sarkar.


1. General Studies Manual of any one of the institutions - Suras, Tata Mcraw Hill,
    Spectrum and Pearson.
2. Physical Geography by Savindra Singh
3. Human Geography by Majith Hussain
4. Regional Geography -  Siddhartha  Maps
5. Indian Geography by Glore
6. Geography by R. L Singh
7. Geographical Thought by Majith Hussain

NCERT books of classes 6,7,8, 9 and plus 2.

Political Science

1. Political Theory by Eddy Asirvatham.
2. G.K. Ghap
3. Wizard book
4. Indian Polity by Prathyogitha Durban & Lakshmikanth
5. Dhillon Guide
6. IIMS Question bank


1. Dhillon guide
2. Shankar Rao
3. Population Studies by Asha Bande
4. Jawahar Guide
5. Indian Social system by Ram Ahuja
6. Social Movements by M. S. A. Rao
7. Sociology Theme and Perspective - Herambus & Herald
8. Sociology Problems to the literature by T. R  Botomore
9. Modernization of Indian Tradition by Yogendra Singh Dhillon
10. IIMS Question bank
11. NCERT books of standard 11th and 12th    

1. Introduction to Psychology by Atkinson & Atkinson
2. Introduction to Psychology by Morgan & King
3. Introduction to Psychology by Barn

General Administration

1. Public Administration by Lakshmikanth
2. Public Administration by Padia
3. Public Administration by S. R Maheshwari
4. Administrative Thinkers by Prasad & Prasad
5. Question bank by Vikram Singh
6. Competition Refreshers
7. IIM guide

1. Commerce Manual by Bookive
2. Auditing by B. N. Tandon
3. Company Law by N. T. Kapoor
4. Principles & Practices of Management by L M Prasad
5. Administration by C. P Guptha
6. Business Organisation by Y. K Bhushan
7. Advanced Accountancy Volume 1,2
8. 11th, 12th standard NCERT books
9. Management Accounting by S. N Maheshwari

Civil Services Training Centers

It is not necessary to join in a training center and study to become an IAS/ IPS.  However, if you prefer to join a training center, I would like to suggest a few important training centers. First, let me give you the names of the training centers in the Northern states. Most of them are situated in Delhi. 

1. Center for Development of Environment Research, C11, Sector 53, Noida - 201 307
2. Vajiram & Ravi (Earlier it was operational in the name of Vajram & Rao), No -79, Old Rajender Nagar Market, Delhi - 110 060

We shall have a look at  a few more similar training centers in the next section.

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