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Phase III Spot Admission at National Sanskrit University-

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Applications are invited for the admission to various Full time  / regular PG Programmes at National Sanskrit University


Acharya in Sahitya(Kavya Varga), Acharya in Sahitya(Alankara Varga), Acharya in iks, Acharya in Puranetihasa, Acharya in Samavedha Bashyam, Acharya in Krishna Yajur Vedabhashyam, Acharya in Atharva Vedabhashyam, Acharya in Vyakarana, Acharya in Phalita Jyotisha, Acharya in Siddhanta Jyotisha, Acharya in Vasthu, Acharya in Dharmasastra, Acharya in Nyaya, Acharya in Sankhya Yoga, Acharya in Mimamsa, Acharya in Advaita Vedanta, Acharya in Visistadvaita Vedanta, Acharya in Dvaita Vedanta, Acharya in Agama.

M.A in Sabdabodha, M.Sc in Yoga & Therapy,  M.Sc In Computer Science , M.A in Hindi, M.A.I.M.T

Applications are invited from CUET qualifed candidates and non CUET candidates.

Last date for receipt of application form:21.09.2023

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