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Are you saying an ''Yes' for everything ?-

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Everyone has the rights to take decisions concerning their life.  However,  it is wise to discuss with others and receive their views. Anyway, the final decision is yours.  Taking a correct decision after getting a clarity about the right or wrong of the issues, is wisdom. Nevertheless, allowing others to take decisions on your life shows your inability.

We have to take a series of decisions in our life such as the selection of a college course after school education,  the university to pursue higher studies, the kind of job suitable to us and to which organization to join and so on.

It is good to share views and interact with people like parents, family friends, teachers and experts.  But, keeping in mind the views of others and finally arriving at a conclusion that would be good to us, is advisable. At the same time, permitting others to decide our life and just remaining a mere onlooker will spoil both our life and future.

Accepting just what others say without rational thinking is ignorance.  If you feel that you make others happy or sad by accepting or refusing their views, you will be the sufferer. Do not say ''yes'' to everything. Wherever it is needed, say ''yes'' with double stress.

It is not necessary to accept decisions that are not feasible.  Don''t hesitate to say  ''no'' or ''cannot'' firmly but without showing any disrespect.  Don''t allow your mouth to say ''yes'' when your heart says ''cannot''. When the heart says a willing ''yes'',  the word ''no'' should not come out of our mouth.

We should construct a bridge between our mouth and the gates of our heart. Should be careful that there are no blockades in between. Denying the views of others on valid grounds is good.  Refusing to accept the unacceptable things is the kernel of growth and it prevents any disaster. It would lay the path for a fruitful life.

We are responsible for our life.We have to believe completely that what we are today is due to the decisions that we have made or have not made. To find fault with others either for our misfortunes o for our failures is not sensible.

We should always keep in mind that a person can do either good or bad only to an extent. When others'' actions affect your life, do not give place them. When you are affected beyond good deeds, take full efforts to break them out and try to accomplish what you have contemplated.  For our growth, our own efforts are the props. Others'' help is only a bonus, that''s all!

It''s not wrong to be selfish when you take decisions about your life   But when it affects the actions of others, a person is named a selfish man.  When we think good and do good, we become our own leaders. Bear it in mind that when someone hesitates to say ''cannot'', but says ''yes'', that ''yes'' becomes weak.

Dr. K. Jaffer Ali

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