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Naval architecture is an engineering course that deals with design, construction and maintenance of ships and boats.

This field plays a significant role in the growth of our economy. Naval architecture curriculum focuses on basic, function, design and development of water vehicles at various levels.

In international trade, transportation through ships is very important than any other mode of transportation. Constructing water vehicle is not easy. In naval architecture, it is possible to study in depth about ship designing, propulsion and construction.


In Naval architecture, there are BE and engineering courses. Practical training is also provided in these engineering studies.

Some prominent institutions to pursue this course

IIT - Chennai -

IIT - Kharagpur -

Cochin science and technology university - Cochin -

Andhra engineering university - Vishagapattinam -

Institute of ship building technology - Goa -

Job opportunities

Engineering graduate in this field can obtain job opportunities in construction of cargo ships, passenger ships, sea boats, oil carriers, container ships, war ships, flight carriers, steamboats, fishing boats and sailing boats. Further more, an engineer is also responsible to maintain the above-mentioned vessels.

Government and private organizations offer lot of opportunities. Naval architects could find lucrative jobs in foreign countries like US, Korea, Singapore, Britain and Holland. Graduates also have chance to be involved in research works.

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