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Job opportunities as well as the scope for higher education in Canada are brighter than in other countries post-pandemic. Canada ranks one among the top 5 countries looked upon to migrate. 

The courses offered in Canada are internationally renowned. After completing studies there, there is lot of scopes to work in countries like the USA, Australia, UK. With a total of over 3 thousand courses offered there, students have a wide variety of courses to choose.

Scores of opportunities are found in technology, stem fields, agriculture and food sectors. It is a very safe country to live. All the educational institutions in  Canada are functioning under the supervision of the government. Canada is one of the countries that grant citizenship to students coming for higher education from abroad.

Is visa difficult?

It is also true that getting a Canadian visa is not that easy. A lot of migration consultants look only at websites and guide individuals for migration. Going to such inexperienced advisors for visa or citizenship may lead to dangerous uncharted territories. 

In the case of Canada, special training and certification is provided by the government to provide proper migration counselling. Precis information on Canadian citizenship can be obtained from such authorized advisers. The experienced consultants only will be able provide accurate information about the university, courses, and city to choose. 

However, in contrast, other counselors act as brokers for admissions to only a few institutions. They may compel students to seek admission in such specific educational institutions. Therefore, parents and students should be careful with such counselors.

Also, since India is a developing country, the Canadian visa authorities issue visas only when they are satisfied with knowing the real reason behind the visa application. Necessary documents including relevant school and college certificates, English Language Proficiency Certificate (IELTS) and proper SOP (Statement of Purpose) should be duly submitted.

In order to get admission to medical courses, it is necessary to write an exam called 'MCAT' in Canada like 'NEET' conducted in India. Scholarships are also provided depending on the academic performance of the students.

-Kanmani Dhanasekhar, Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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