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Need for transformation of classrooms!- 29-May-2023

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Its high time that colleges have to become centres of research and skill development. Teaching and learning become complete only when research is emphasized and innovations are made in educational institutions.

Digital education system

Earlier, classrooms were places where theory was taught and laboratories where practicals were carried out.  Post-corona, after the widespread use of online education, there has been a huge change in the environment of engineering education especially.  Not only in the teaching method, there is a gradual change in curriculum and also in the evaluation system.  Apart from providing curriculum-based knowledge, educational institutions should open up Active Learning Centre in order to give importance to develop skills.     

Today's students prefer to learn all the subjects digitally.  It is extremely unlikely that the traditional way of educating students in the classroom for 5 hours will continue for long. Flipped learning methodology should come in where students ask questions and teachers give answers.  The teacher-student relationship should improve to become more cordial to improve the learning methodology.  

The curriculum has to change every year with the rapid development of technologies. The environment is ripened where emphasis needs to be given to developing value-added skills in collaboration with educational technology institutions.  An educational institution should provide the necessary environment for the students in a big way, including all the knowledge of each country's traditions, culture, food, and dress.

Core Engineering

Today, many engineering colleges have drastically reduced the number of student admission seats in civil, mechanical, electrical, biotechnology, metallurgical fields. If this trend continues, there will be a shortage of engineers in the core engineering fields in the near future. To change this situation necessary technologies should be introduced and comprehensive skills should be developed through 'active learning'.

Core engineering students develop projects on globally emerging technologies.  It is also necessary to develop the skills expected by the companies, including business skills and communication skills. It is high time that classrooms need to become places where students can develop all the needed skills for better employment.

- Akila Muthuramalingam, Principal, KPR, Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore

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