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Management studies ! - 14-Feb-2024

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Business management is the process of managing the activities of business development including planning, organizing and directing the business administration of an organization, marketing, finance, entrepreneurial development.

For any organization to function well, such processes are essential.

Planning: Planning is very important in organization. Management planning is to improve the situation of the organization from the current state to a better state. Project managers are required to carry it out in a proper manner and achieve the target.

Hiring: Hiring management is all about hiring the right employees for the right jobs, raising their wages, etc.

Organizing: Organizational management helps in listing the pending tasks and completing and executing them within the stipulated time frame.

Team Management: Team management is the process by which people at the top of an organization coordinate and lead the team working with them. Team management is also part of ensuring that all tasks are completed on time and that company rules and regulations are followed.

Financial Management: Financial management helps in planning and implementing financial policies to control costs, increase revenue and increase profitability.

Marketing: Brand manager, digital marketing specialists, market analyst in the field of marketing develop marketing strategies, conduct market research and market products to target customers.

Supply Chain Management: Supply chain management is all about building and improving the bridge between the manufacturer and the customer. It involves the tasks of managing logistics, procurement, inventory and distribution channels.

Thus, the contribution of competent employees and managers is necessary at every level in the functioning of an organization.

Courses: To produce such talent, B.A., B.B.A., B.M.S., B.Com., B.B.S., B.R.M., B.E.M., Various courses are offered at Masters including MBA, PGDM, EMBA.

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