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Desirous to become an IAS? ( Part - XV)-

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I mentioned about the killing of Veerappan in the previous section. I was also a part of the Special Task Police force. Many a time, we had direct encounters with Veerappan's gang. These experiences can never be erased from the mind. I am the only person alive among the police officials and the forest officials group formed earlier to nab Veerappan. 

Veerappan had hacked numerous sandal trees, killed many elephants and slaughtered scores of innocent commoners. Moreover, he also killed our officer-friends Hari Krishna IPS, Srinivas IFS, SI Shakeel, SI Dinesh in the encounters that happened in 1990, 1991, and 1992. They are ever-remembered true heroes of our nation. 

I wish to recall a caption written for these heroes on the Kohima War Memorial, 'For your  better tomorrow, we dedicate our today'. 

There are numerous opportunities for audacious ventures in the police profession more than any  jobs. The number of Police personnels killed in encounters is greater than those killed in the freedom struggle. You all belong to a younger generation. You must also participate in this bravado.  There is no scope for risky ventures in any other sector in the world, apart from the Police Department.  I would like to remind you that in the contemporary world, civil wars happen more than the military wars.

Duties of IPS officer  

The jobs of the Police officers are many. People approach the police for help in many aspects like protection, guidance and to obtain justice. In various aspects such as, life threat, solving family problems, to recover stolen goods, to lodge complaints against tricksters, to complain against the problem creating neighbors, husband’s ill-treatment, eve-teasing, appropriate recovery of the investments made in financial institutions and to provide protection to organizations, the assistance of Police is needed.    

I have also met parents who sometimes approach the Police officials to get admission for their children in schools and colleges. We can see several people waiting at the residence and offices to meet the higher officials of Police Department like Police Commissioner, SP (Superintendent of Police). If you have the natural tendency to help others, the police job provides a vast scope. 

Those salvaged from problems with the help of Police are for ever thankful to them. They express their gratitude through numerous phone calls and letters just for a small help. This is also a part of the  Police Department.

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