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The Australian universities stay ahead in drawing brilliant and eligible students from various countries. The ostentatious life style of the Australians, the cultural changes encompassing various arts departments and the world’s recognition of Australian studies have made Australia a sanctuary for excellent studies.  Hence, there is a steady increase in the number of foreign students seeking admission day by day.

Because of new teaching methodology, superb faculties and unparalleled world standard infrastructure, the students have become an integral part of the society for its future needs. To impart first class education,  the government also provides sumptuous financial assistance and other subsidies to a large extent. Therefore, studying in Australia has become less expensive than studying in countries like America and Britain.

In Australia there are 39 universities. Out of these 37 are financially backed by the government and the remaining 2 are self- financing.   In each university there are approximately 3,000-50,000 students. Degree, Certificate and PhD courses are offered.Here is an opportunity for a student to study simultaneously 2 degree courses.
The significant feature of Australian education is its collaboration with the organizations of other countries and the research methodologies.  There are more than 100 Science Research centers in Australia and as a result Australia is now foremost in research.

Australia is top in the fields of Conventional studies, Bio-Technology, Nano- Technology and various fields related to Sports.  As they approach sports in a scientific way, they remain as world champions for many years in Cricket.  Australia has also introduced new studies in conventional and unconventional fields.

A Few important Universities and Courses

Australian universities offer related courses in Environmental Studies and Tasmania University provides research linked to Antarctica.

Macquerie  University by conducting researches on Protein has shown the means to control Cancer.  This university offers courses in Bio-Technology, Bio-Informatics and Genetical studies.

South Queensland University offers courses on commercializing plants and its related products.  It is remarkable that such courses are available only in Australian University.

Swinburne University of Technology excels in designing super computers with the help of Astrophysics. This university has considerably assisted the scientists to create’Milli-Second Pulsar.’

Victoria University of Technology offers courses in Fire Safety and Environmental Engineering.  Fire resistant building models to escape from fire are built all over the world as per the recommendation of this university.

University of South Australia offers special MBA courses for Engineers and Scientists. Most of the universities that offer Professional Management studies are in Australia only.

Other important universities in Australia are-

  • Australian Graduate School of Management

  • Graduate School of management

  • Monash Mount Eliza Business School

  • Melbourne Business School

  • Australian National University

  • University of Canberra

  • University of Tasmania,

  • University of Wollongong

  • University of Queensland

Australian University organizes Distance Education Programmes for students who live in far away cities. It also deals with effective e- learning and online education.This is very helpful to many foreign students to take up the online programmes.

Nearly 55 Australian Universities offer  MBA studies.  Students can complete the course in 16 months  to 2 years.  Opportunity to complete the course in 16 months is given to those who cannot stay for two year. Under the provision called ‘Campus’ a student can change universities, if there is a need.  The Australian education is less expensive when compared  with the expenses incurred in other countries.

Australian Education Information Centers in India

IDPis a private organization that helps students to take up studies in Australia.  It has offices in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad.

It helps us in the following ways

To collect information about all universities,  admission date, admission procedure, scholarships, informatio to avail bank loan, counselling for parents and students, application procedure and payment of fees, boarding facilities and air travel all can be had on the internet.


For More Details:

Australian Education Centre,

Australian High Commission,

No.1/50 G, Shanthipath, Chanakyapuri,

New Delhi - 110 201


IDP Education India Office at Chennai:

10A Rain Tree Place,
7 McNichols Road,
Chetpet, Chennai 600 031

Ph: 91 44 4285 7041, 91 44 4285 7042




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