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Among the departments related to export in India, Tourism is considered to be the the most important one.

Though the number of tourists is less across the globe, the Department of tourism plays an important role in determining the economy of India. Within the span of next ten years, this field will reach a special place.

In the past, people undertook journey for two reasons: trade and enjoyment. Now, as the people have felt tremendous changes around the world, they want to take up travel for innovative reasons like Sports, Recreation, Adventure tours, Environmental tours and so on.

Requirements of tourism

Tourists prefer to have friendly and amicable Tourism and Travel Agencies and those who mingle freely breaking all barriers. Good administrative skills are essential to work in this field.

Persons with skill who can adapt to up-to-date techniques and ready to solve problems in emergency, people with creative thinking (kiriya sakthi), communicative skills, ability to mix with all, who have an understanding of things, an interest to work without calculating the working hours, well-aware of our cultural heritage and persons who can resolve complex problems in difficult circumstances within the given deadline, can join this field., if they wish to have bright future.

Besides, if they have concern for others, have computer knowledge, adept in technical as well as multilingual skills, communicative skills through multi media and exhibit healthy teamwork, this field seems to be the most suitable field for them.

Studies concerning booking and ticketing under Tourism or Tourism management can be done as U.G. course after the completion of plus 2. Those who have completed degree courses can join P.G.course or P.G.Diploma in Tourism. Apart from this, there is state level guides training in the Institute of Tourism and Travel Management.


This field has created numerous job opportunities. For persons who have completed studies related to Tourism, there are job opportunities in Aviation Services, Car Rental companies, Luxury Liners, Entertainment firms, Government Tourism Department, Tourism Information Centers, Travel Agencies and Special Service Centers.

This field will soon enlarge its job opportunities, because tourism expenditure is less expensive in India, the growth of technology in India and also because of the increasing number of medical tourists.

People who do the service separately in accordance to the rules and regulations of the Indian Government are called Tourists Guides. These Tourist Escorts plan the programmes, administer them, collect details of the places concerned, execute the plan and complete the schedule within the scheduled time.

The Travel Agents perform the job of getting passport, visa, accommodation, exchanging currency, besides explaining the shortest possible route and the importance of tourist spots to be visited, and attending to the needs according to the climatic conditions. There are divisions within this according to the size of the agency. Big Travel Agencies offer job opportunities to persons who have professional skills like M.B.A., C.A. Law, Accounting and proficiency in languages.

Types of Tours

As already mentioned in this write-up, the boundaries of this field are speedily expanding. Various types of tourism like Adventure tourism, Medical tourism, Wellness tourism, Spiritual tourism, Eco tourism, Heritage tourism, Beach tourism, Rural tourism, Wild Life tourism have emerged at present in India.


Due to the technological development, this field has shown exceptional improvement. Traveling has now become very simple. It is also possible to provide facilities to the individuals as per their wish because of the avilability of modern amenities. As this field has seen stupendous growth, the number of persons applying has been gradually increasing.

Big organizations like Thomas Cook, SOTC, Cox & Kings, Indian Airlines, British Airways, Emirates and RCI are willing to offer excellent job opportunities Those with exceptional skills in the field of travel and tourism and those who are considerate and cordial can enjoy abundant opportunities here. Apart from this, there is a large scope for them in the hotel administration also. Moreover, those who have finished this course are welcomed in big hotels as the Hotel Administration needs to coordinate the multilevel activities of the hotel.

If interested people join this field, they receive job satisfaction, good remuneration, get chances to see many new places acquainted with different people, have an opportunity to understand new culture and tradition, and also acquire new languages.

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